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See No, Hear No, and Speak No.

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A censored genius makes you:
Think differently.
Encourages your creativity.
Sparks your imagination.
Forces your originality.
Makes you unique.

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Founded in June 2013 with a cigar release date of July 2014, Censored Genius Cigars began with the modest goal of world domination, one cigar at a time. Have you left a job to pursue your dreams? Thrown caution to the wind and asked out your crush? Created a community event? Expressed your originality?

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Share your Censored Genius stories with us here, on our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. Use the hashtag #EmbracingCensoredGenius so we can find you!). Once a month, we’ll select one Censored Genius to receive an Censored Genius prize pack! Even the evilest of Censored Geniuses likes to hear from friends, drop us a line!

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Founded in June 2013 with a cigar release date of July 2014, Censored Genius Cigars began with the modest goal of world domination, one cigar at a time. Since then, every box of cigars we’ve made was manufactured using the best ingredients and with the utmost attention to quality and detail. We think we’ve succeeded in producing one of the best cigar brands you could ever hope to buy or stock in your cigar shop. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it; make sure your next cigar herf has some Censored Genius Cigars in stock. Once you try one, you’ll see why our good cigar reviews write themselves.

With so many cigar companies out there, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best ones. You could go around to every cigar shop in town and ask the proprietors, but who has time for that? Being a Censored Genius is all about being bold and making the most of every day. You could trust cigar reviews and cigar ratings to find the best rated cigars or you could listen to the buzz surrounding Censored Genius and try one. We know you’ll love our cigar brand as much as we do.

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The best rated cigars of all time didn’t start out that way; they worked hard to build their cigar brands and positive reputation, building the word of mouth it takes to get the best cigar ratings. Censored Genius is already garnering a great reputation in our home state of Pennsylvania as one of the finest cigar companies out there. Now that we’ve expanded our reach to dozens of cigar shop locations in multiple states (and online), our cigar company is poised to become a legend of the industry. Next time you buy cigars for your shop or home humidor, get a box of cigars from Censored Genius. With fine smokes from our cigar company, your next cigar herf will be one to remember.

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Through partnerships with select online retailers, it’s easier than ever for our fans to get the great taste they’ve come to expect from our cigar company. Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast or a store owner, we want to share the great taste of our cigars with you. While we do sell singles, we recommend buying a box of cigars, because we know you won’t be able to just smoke one. Some cigar companies mass produce to make the most money but we consider quality to be our most important property, which is why each cigar we sell gets the attention it takes to achieve a truly pleasurable smoking experience.

A good cigar company is uncompromising when it comes to producing the best quality cigars. You don’t want to buy from a cigar company that’s all hype and no substance. At your next cigar herf, you’ll be certain to impress when you buy Censored Genius Cigars. Not only do we have good reviews, we also sell our cigars at the most affordable prices. Other cigar companies overcharge on their point of sale prices; We provide quality cigars with bold flavors at a price that works for you.