Choosing Your First Censored Genius Cigar

Choosing Your First Censored Genius Cigar

Finding a cigar is easy; finding a cigar you love is a little bit more difficult. Sure, you could play it safe and just buy another box of cigars you’ve tried before, but where would be the adventure in that? At Censored Genius Cigars, we encourage you to throw caution to the wind and try something new every day. In that spirit, we’d like to invite you to try one of our high quality boutique cigars. Here’s a guide to all the cigars we make, and what makes each one as unique as you are:

Hear No by Censored Genius Cigars

We like a cigar with an attitude that’s audacious and daring but that packs a little something extra that you might not expect. The Hear No embodies that quite well; with a label that’s pulled right from the dark side, you might be caught off guard by its character, which is a bit milder than the black label would suggest. Right away you’ll taste hints of coffee and pepper; of course, initial impressions can be deceiving as the pepperiness increases with every puff. The rum-barrel-aged wrapper adds yet another layer to this complex cigar. With so many notes to offer, you’ll love the Hear No with a fully flavored beer, or even a glass of bourbon.

See No by Censored Genius Cigars

When you’re talking about Westerns, the guys in the white hats were usually the good ones. The See No’s white label might make you think it’s mild-mannered but truly it’s anything but. Full bodied with a Habano wrapper, the See No is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. From the first puff, you’ll feel the intensity as flavors of cedar, coffee, and pepper hit your palate balanced by cream and molasses to create an overall impression that, while it is forward, is not unpleasant in any way.

Speak No by Censored Genus Cigars

Our latest release builds on everything we learned with our initial offering, bringing our tried and true philosophy to interesting new places. With our See No and Hear No lines representing two extremes, we felt we should meet somewhere in the middle. That’s where the Speak No comes in, with its medium body and earthy, sweet flavor. As you continue to smoke it, the flavor will evolve to include fruit, mineral, and wood. Whether or not you’ve tried our other offerings, you’ll know right away why the Speak No could only have been produced by Censored Genius.

We like to think that we bring a scientific approach to crafting fine, boutique cigars, so we encourage you to do some experimentation of your own. Find a local retailer of Censored Genius Cigars, or buy some from our online cigar store. When you try each one, you’ll have plenty of data to draw conclusions on why Censored Genius is making big moves in the cigar world. Whether you’re looking for something mild and understated or something that’s deceptively bold (or something in-between), you’re sure to find something you love in our line of cigars.

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