New Cigar Brands for Sale Online

Tired of smoking the same cigars you’ve been buying for years? Everyone needs a little variety, which is why you’re always on the lookout for new cigar brands. If your old brand just isn’t doing it for you anymore, we highly recommend you try a Censored Genius premium boutique cigar. When we first started out, we wanted to have new cigars for sale unlike anything anyone had seen before. That’s why we developed the White Chapel and Black Chapel lines. First, we wanted to highlight the unique nature of Censored Genius by creating two cigar lines which represent two distinct philosophies coming together to create harmony. Second, we wanted to give everyone who smokes our cigars a chance to try something different depending on their mood.

The White Chapel line was designed to represent the good in the world – the cowboy with the white hat. Its white band was meant to be welcoming and imply a creamy, mild flavor; of course, that reputation is belied by a full bodied flavor with notes of black and white pepper, leather, and peanut. The White Chapel from Censored Genius works in mysterious ways to make you think differently about what a mild cigar should be. When it debuted, it was certainly one of the most unique new cigars for sale, and now, years later, it will change the way you think, too.

The Black Chapel, on the other hand, is a bit more roguish. Like the cowboy with the black hat, its black band gives it a mean look, rough and ready for action. Of course, when you light it, you’ll find it’s a bit more refined than your first impressions implied. The welcoming rum-barrel Brazilian Maduro wrapper will have you looking at the bad guy in a completely new way.

New Cigars Online

Our latest addition is the Time Machine, a cigar that brings you back to a time when things were simpler. Remember all the time you wished you could have taken action? A Time Machine will remind you to seize every moment and never leave anything to chance. After all, who needs to go back and change the past when you can change your future right now? We’re so proud of our new addition to the Censored Genius family of cigars, and if you’re looking for new cigars online, seize your opportunity today by heading over to our online store to buy some White Chapels, Black Chapels, or Time Machines.